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    China (Wenzhou) Mechanical Equipment Exhibition (CWMEE) are China's growth in the most professional of the machine tool exhibition, one by the China Machinery Industry Federation, Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Exhibition Brand , it has been approved by Wenzhou City People's Government and support. CWMEE has been successfully held for ten, great achievements have been made by acclaim at home and abroad, was the industry's reputation has become in east China's most influential industrial fields covering the entire international machine tool, one of the professional event. CWMEE has become the international advanced manufacturing and technological exchanges and trade in an important place, Zhejiang Machinery Manufacturing technological progress and industrial development machine driving force, it brings together the essence of world and national high-tech machine tool products, to promote local Zhejiang International Machine Tool largest market formation of domestic exhibitors and the audience, this is not a province of international procurement, are the least expensive technology introduction.